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15 Greatest Open Source Terminal Applications Of 2012 Check the link for some great Linux command line tools. I particularly like this one though. dtrx is an acronmy for "Do The Right Extraction." Its a tool for Unix-like systems that take all the hassle out of extracting archives. As a sysadmin, I download source code and tar balls. This tool saves lots of time.You only need to remember one simple command to extract tar,...

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[APK] Seeder entropy generator to provide significant... I found this on the XDA website. It works amazingly well for all rooted Android phones. It will speed up your phone and prevent lagging. Made my HTC Sensation feel a lot more responsive. Hey everyone, So, I was experiencing significant lag as we all do from time to time, and decided I was going to get to the bottom of it. After tracing and debugging for hours, I...

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Sky Go Android App released It certainly has been a long time coming and even though it comes with strings, Sky's "Sky Go" app has finally been released for Android. Don't get too excited just yet though. Sky Go will only work on supported Android devices running 2.2x and 2.3x. Not only that but to "ensure that our rights contracts are fully upheld we are also unable to support any Android devices...

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Fixing the issue of the Asus Transformer TF101 not... I purchased an ASUS Transformer TF101 a few months ago and I have been very happy with it. That was until recently. When I plugged it in it would no longer charge. I read on multiple forums that this was a common issue for Transformer owners and some fixes included putting the transformer plug into the freezer to cool it down and also to bend the pins slightly to try to...

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Google’s response to Siri is codenamed Majel, could... Interesting. I've not tried Siri nor do I know anyone that has an iPhone 4GS that can give me reports on it. By all accounts it's the dogs nutsack so hopefully this app will be just as good. Google’s response to Siri is codenamed Majel, could be released by end of year | Android and Me.

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Use Tasker to put your phone on silent when it is placed face down

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As you can see from my previous posts I am currently having lots of fun with the Tasker app for Android. In this post I am going to show you how to automatically switch your phone to silent when you place it face down on your desk (or night stand)

1. In Tasker select New button and give your profile a name.

2. From the list of Contexts select State

3. From the State Menu select Orientation

4. From the Orientation Dropdown choose “Face Down” and click Done.

5. Now that the the context has been created we will need to create an action. This action will be triggered when the above Task is initialised.

6. Click the New button to set up an action and then on the following menu choose Audio

7. From the Audio action menu click on Silent Mode and set it to On from the drop down.

8. Now that you have created a profile that will switch off the audio when it is face down it is time for you to follow the same steps as above only this time you will choose “Face Up” and set the Audio Action to Silent Mode Off.

Once you’ve finished setting up these profiles hit Apply and try flipping your phone face down and then face up. You should see that the phone goes silent when face down and comes back to life when it is face up.

Obviously you can play with this configuration to not only set your phone to silent when your phone is face down but also to turn off your WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS too.

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